Dr. Stathis Avramidis - Δρ. Στάθης Αβραμίδης

Dr. Avramidis during the "Lifeguard Gathering of Memory - Honor of our Past and Present" (Greece, 2012).


  • Ph.D. in Leisure and Sport Studies (thesis: "The 4W Model of Drowning"), Leeds Metropolitan University, 2009
  • Master of Science in Sports and Exercise (thesis: "Influence of Biomechanical Parameters in the Straddle entry that is used in Lifesaving and Lifeguarding"), Leeds Metropolitan University, 2001
  • Bachelor of Education in Sport Science and Physical Education, Department of Sport Science and Physical Education, University of Athens (mark: 8.39/10), 1999
  • Diploma of Specialty in Adapted Physical Education, Department of Sport Science and Physical Education, University of Athens (mark: 10/10), 1999.
  • Master of Public Health in Chronic Diseases and Health Behaviour (thesis: Prevention, Rescue, Treatment for the Preservation of Public Health from Aquatic Accidents, mark: 86/100), National School of Public Health, Athens, 2016. 
  • Senior Tutor/Instructor (over 40 certifications) and certified on lifesaving, lifeguarding, fire awareness, baby swimming, water safety, spinal injury management, defibrillation, first aid, and survival (over 150 certifications) from internationally recognized organizations of 10 countries.
    • Dr Stathis Avramidis currently works at the National Public Health Organization (former Hellenic CDC) (2009-). He is an Academic Fellow of Applied Lifeguarding and Lifesaving Sport at the School of Sport Science and Physical Education in the University of Athens. Finally he serves as President of the Greek Lifesaving Sports Association.
    • During his carrier, he has orchestrated several events. To name a few, he was the Co-Chairman of the "Conference on Near-Death Experiences while Drowning" (ISHOF 2017), Co-Chairman of the inaugural International Aquatic History Symposium and Film Festival [Book] (ISHOF), the organizer of the program "Drowning: Prevention, Rescue, Treatment" that educated thousands of chidren (HCDCP, Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, Ministry of National Defence, EOYDA), the creator of an e-learning water safety program (under ISHOF), the director of the inaugural Lifesaving Sport Seminar of EOYDA, the creator of the project "Safe Greece" (under EOYDA, HCDCP, PCMF, ISHOF, International Awards Guiseppe Sciacca, Ministries of Education and Health). He created the Hellenic National Water Safety Program that was supported by 11 prestigious organizations (A Chance for Children, PCMF, ISHOF, Ministry of Health) and the international drowning prevention program "Charlie the savior" (that is endorsed by ISHOF, ILS, IFSTA, ACFC, GLSA, RLSS Commonwealth, WOWSA). Finally, he was the author of the draft Ministerial Decision Law that aims to become national legislation for lifeguarding.
    • In the past he worked as a Visiting Research Fellow/ PTE Lecturer in Aquatics (Leeds Metropolitan University 2003-2012), as Advisor of Health Education and Accident Prevention at the Ministry of Health (2015-1/2016), radio broadcaster, presenter of the TV program "Prevention and Rescue", lifeguard, instructor, lifesaving sport coach, first aider in national, European, Mediterranean, World and Olympic Games aquatic events.
    • He is the "father" of lifesaving sport in Greece, having served the Hellenic Federating of Underwater Activity as Federal Director of Lifesaving Sport (2011-25.7.2018).
    • With almost 300 publications (books, chapters, magazine and journal articles, DVDs, conference presentations) he is one of the most prolific water safety authors.
    • He is a Honorary Member of the International Drowning Researcher Alliance and of dozens lifeguard, aquatic and first aid related organizations in many countries.
    For his work he was honored over 20 times in 8 countries with national and international awards:
    • These include the Paragon Aquatic Safety Award 2009 [video] and the ISHOF Service Award 2012 [video] for his "outstanding commitment to water safety worldwide and support of ISHOF" by the International Swimming Hall of Fame and Diploma Awards [2005, 2009, 2017] by the Royal Life Saving Society Commonwealth whose Patron is Queen Elizabeth II. 
    • He holds the ''Best Research Poster Presentation'' (International Lifesaving Conference, The Lifesaving Foundation, Ireland 2014) and the "Most Prolific Contributor Award" (IAHSFF, ISHOF 2012).
    • His film "Ode to Lifesaving Joy" has been honored with the "Best Young Film Director" at the International Aquatic History Symposium and Film Festival [video] and with the ''Special Diploma for Masterful Storytelling'' at the 17th International Festival of Red Cross and Health Films [video 1, video 2].
    • In 2015, the World Open Water Swimming Association included Dr. Avramidis among the 50 "Greatest Watermen in Open Water Swimming History".
    • The English documentary "STATHI" portrays his life.